Starting a new business or a rewarding job helps a young person build their sense of identity, connects them to new people and places and allows them to develop lifelong skills. 

As Ontario’s economy, workforce and job market continue to change, we need to encourage young workers to lead in innovation and generate new ideas and perspectives. 


What outcomes do we want to see for Ontario youth?


Why is this important?

Ontario's young workforce is a key factor for success in today's global economy. Studies show that having a job contributes to a young person's sense of identity, connectedness and wellbeing. Employment is also an opportunity to connect with others and develop the skills needed to contribute to society.

Young workers and entrepreneurs contribute to our economy and keep Ontario prosperous. They often lead the way in innovation and creativity when they start new businesses, contribute new ideas and share new perspectives. 


10. How can we help Ontario support youth employment?



We can help Ontario support youth employment by: 

  • Helping youth transition to the labour market by providing young people with work experience through hands on experience through school or part time jobs to develop employability and technical skills needed for the workforce. 
  • Broadening job access for at-risk youth by providing more employment programs that target newcomers, Aboriginal, visible minorities, high school dropouts, young males, youth with disabilities, and LGBTQ youth. 


11. How can we help support Ontario’s modern workforce?


We can help support Ontario’s modern workforce by: 

  • Preparing youth to have skills that match Ontario's labor market needs by providing young workers with employable skills that reflect the current needs of the Ontario Labour Market. 
  • Fostering entrepreneurial skills by providing entrepreneurship programs that allow young people to apply their creativity, perseverance, self-confidence and energy.


12. How can we help create safe, supportive work environments for Ontario’s young people?


We can help create safe and supportive work environments for Ontario’s young people by:

  • Paying extra attention to the safety of young workers by creating a safe place where young workers can share their concerns about work and by providing young workers with health and safety on the job training on how to be safe and avoid injuries in the workplace.  
  • Informing young people about their rights and responsibilities at work by ensuring that young people are treated in a respectful and inclusive manner by creating a safe workplace environment where young people can share their concerns about work and learn skills on conflict resolution and negotiation.