Webinar: YouthREX's Framework for Evaluating Youth Wellbeing

This video was produced by YouthREX.

The YouthREX Framework for Evaluating Youth Wellbeing provides youth programs with a step-by-step guide for evaluating their programs and then, using the findings to improve their programs and promote the wellbeing of their youth participants.

The Framework is centred on the notion that ‘good’ evaluation produces findings and insights that a program can use to learn and do it’s work even better.

On May 11, we hosted a conversation between Dr. Uzo Anucha, YouthREX Provincial Academic Director, Dr. Harjeet Badwall, Academic Lead of Customized Evaluation Supports (CES), and Dr. Sarah Todd, Eastern Hub Academic Director, about YouthREX’s Framework for Evaluating Youth Wellbeing. This webinar was the first of our three-part series on YouthREX’s approach to understanding and measuring youth wellbeing.

We discussed the purpose and vision of our framework, and examined its three guiding lenses: learning-focused, youth engaged, and contextualized methods. We discussed how these lenses are uniquely suited to respond to the organizational, social and political context of grassroots youth programs.

YouthREX. (2016, May 11). YouthREX's Framework for Evaluating Youth Wellbeing (Webinar Recording) on Vimeo [Video file]. Retrieved from https://vimeo.com/166846129

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