Webinar: Supporting Youth Living With & Affected by HIV

This video was produced by YouthREX.


What are the barriers to accessing supports for young people living with and affected by HIV? How are these youth currently being supported? What strategies are critical in providing well-rounded supports for youth living with and affected by HIV, and how can youth-serving organizations adopt these best practices?

As we approach the fourth decade since the first cases were diagnosed, we better understand how HIV works, and how the disease impacts individuals and transforms communities. HIV is incurable, but it is preventable and treatable. This webinar conversation featured frontline practitioners and young people discussing barriers and opportunities for youth living with and affected by HIV, and how youth workers can promote evidence-informed best practices for effectively supporting these youth. We explored:

  1. The social drivers that contribute to, and result in, increased vulnerability, stigma, and discrimination
  2. What youth workers can do to support young people and break down the stigma associated with HIV
  3. How youth workers can integrate a critical approach when engaging youth living with and affected by HIV

The webinar featured:

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