Webinar: Reframing Need: Asset-Driven Youth Program and Community Development

This video was produced by YouthREX.

Asset-driven approaches to youth program and community development align with a positive youth development framework. Rather than taking a needs or deficit driven approach to solution framing and planning, taking a positive and strengths based approach offers programs and community developers a new range of perspectives for building community and individual capacity.

This interactive webinar opened with a brief introduction of asset-driven program and community development followed by an exploration of practical ways to identify local assets at difference scales (individual, neighbourhood, system-wide) and how to use this to inform and design interventions that build on a community’s strengths.

Additionally, this webinar featured insights from a community assets-mapping project conducted by the Social Entrepreneurship Evolution Project at the NORDIK Institute hosted by Algoma University.

Participants learned tips for involving youth in assets-mapping and explored community-friendly approaches to assets-driven program and community development.

YouthREX. (2015, October 20). Reframing Need: Asset-Driven Youth Program and Community Development (Webinar) on Vimeo [Video file]. Retrieved from https://vimeo.com/144014088

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