CBC's Red Button: Toronto Youth Terence Captures his Life In a Homeless Shelter with a Camera Phone

This video is from a storytelling project produced by CBC's Short Docs.


“It’s been a bumpy road, but I try to keep my thoughts positive.” Terence, 22, lives in a Toronto homeless shelter. He uses a camera phone to share his life and plans for the future.

This video is part of RED BUTTON, an innovative storytelling project where the documentary subjects become the filmmakers.

In the first series of RED BUTTON stories, homeless youth in Toronto used camera phones to film their lives. Participants were given audio/video gear and offered a workshop to learn the basics of filmmaking. The homeless youth featured also received one-on-one guidance from professional filmmakers.

Learn more and watch additional videos on the CBC's RED BUTTON website.


Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. (2017). Toronto Youth Documents His Life of Homelessness and Addiction. Toronto, ON: Author. Retrieved from http://www.cbc.ca/shortdocs/shorts/red-button-homeless-youth 

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