10 Ways to Meaningfully Engage Underrepresented Youth Webinar

This video was produced by YouthREX.

This webinar provides valuable insight on how to authentically work with underrepresented, marginalized youth so that you/your organization can effectively develop, inspire and nurture youth leadership and engagement. Based on her extensive experience working with youth from diverse communities, Amy Hosotsuji, Coordinator of the Grassroots Youth Collaborative, and Duane Hall, Events Curator and founding member of Toronto-based grassroots youth organization Spoke N’ Heard share 10 top strategies and key observations on this topic, including reflections and case study examples from individual, organizational, community and systemic contexts.

Amy was also joined by Rebecca Houwer, YouthREX Central ON Region Hub Manager and PhD Candidate, Faculty of Education at York University for a Q&A session. Rebecca contextualized their discussion using research she conducted on youth leadership and engagement for a Mitacs-Accelerate Graduate Research Program, with the support of community partner, For Youth Initiative.

YouthREX. (2015). 10 Ways to Meaningfully Engage Underrepresented Youth Webinar on Vimeo [Video file]. Retrieved from https://vimeo.com/129461671

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