Youth Engagement Toolkit

This tool was developed by Ministry of Children and Family Development (British Columbia).

Use the toolkit to find effective ways for engaging young people at an organizational level. Their input can help:

  • Make programs, services, and policies more effective
  • Keep your organization enthusiastic, energized, and informed
  • Young people develop their full potential
  • Nurture the next generation of advocates for youth

The Youth Engagement Toolkit guides teams of adults and youth through a process of four collaborative meetings to:

  • Explore values and beliefs about youth engagement
  • Assess current youth engagement practice
  • Create a plan to strengthen youth engagement
  • Review progress towards strengthening youth engagement

The toolkit can be used by any group, team or organization. It doesn’t matter if you are new to youth engagement or very experienced and looking for new ideas. 

Learn more and access the complete Youth Engagement Toolkit.

Ministry of Children and Family Development. (2013). Youth Engagement Toolkit. Vancouver, BC: Government of British Columbia. Retrieved from

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