The Kit: A Manual By Youth to Combat Racism Through Education

This toolkit was published by The United Nations Association in Canada.

This youth-developed anti-racism toolkit emerged from Youth Forums Against Racism that took place across Canada. The project was sponsored by the United Nations Association in Canada. The KIT has three sections, all addressing racism: information, tools, and resources. The Information section looks at current issues and key concepts in racism, and debunks a range of myths and misconceptions. The Tools section includes a wide range of interactive workshops for a variety of ages and interests, as well as a step-by-step guide for organizing an activity. A multitude of books, films, youth organizations, and educational materials are listed in the Resources section for further reading, action, and inspiration! And, a timeline noting key moments in Canadian history relevant to racism and anti-racism runs throughout the KIT.

Abboud, R., Chong, J., Gray, D., Kaderdina, R., Masongsong, M. & Rahman, K.J. (2002). The Kit: A Manual By Youth to Combat Racism Through Education. United Nations Association in Canada.

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