Empower Youth, Arts and Activism: An HIV/AIDS Arts Activism Manual for Youth by Youth

This toolkit was developed by Youth Action Network, Gendering Adolescent AIDS Prevention (GAAP), and Centre for Urban Health Initiatives. It was published by CATIE.

This guide is designed for individuals 
who are interested in activating their knowledge, passion and skills and want to fuel these ideas into positive action. More specifically, the following pages focus on using the arts as a catalyst or medium for HIV/AIDS youth activism. By focusing on a broad range of arts-based education and activist efforts organized by committed youth, this guide aims to inspire action, provoke bursts of insight and dialogue between and among HIV/AIDS youth activists across Canada. There are already an abundance of general resources for youth activism circulating in local libraries, schools, community centres and youth organizations. This guide tries to specifically map out some of the successes and challenges encountered by young HIV/AIDS arts activists. Stop looking “out there” and start looking “in here”; there’s already a wealth of knowledge in our communities.

Centre for Urban Health Initiatives, Gendering Adolescent AIDS Prevention, and Youth Action Network (2009). Empower Youth , Arts and Activism: An HIV/AIDS Arts Activism Manual for Youth by Youth. Toronto, ON: CATIE. Retrieved from: http://www.catie.ca/sites/default/files/empower-youthartsandactivism%20.pdf

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