Connecting Youth with Youth: A Guide to Youth and HIV/AIDS related Programs and Projects across Canada

This toolkit was developed by the Canadian AIDS Society.

Youth across Canada are involved in diverse, HIV/AIDS-related programs and projects that are making a difference in their communities – from providing support for HIV-positive youth, to educating youth about risk reduction, healthy relationships and more, to providing much needed youth-friendly spaces where youth can get the information they want.

Previously named “An Inventory of Canadian HIV/AIDS Prevention Programs for Youth”, the new name for the guide will tell you that “Connecting Youth with Youth” is all about connecting youth, youth workers, and community-based organizations serving youth with each other to ensure that youth have the information and supports they need in their own communities on HIV/AIDS and related issues.

The Canadian AIDS Society. (2004). Connecting youth with youth: A guide to youth and HIV/AIDS related programs and projects across canada. Retrieved from$FILE/3580-aids_english_final.pdf

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