Affirmations Deck

This toolkit was published by Planned Parenthood Toronto.


“We thought carefully about things we wished we had access to when we were struggling with our identities, or when we were struggling with the erasure, normativity, and violence in our everyday world… It is our hope that this deck finds its way to the hands of young queer and trans folks who might not otherwise have access to supportive communities.”

The Affirmations Deck was created by a group of queer and trans youth involved with Planned Parenthood Toronto’s Filling in the Blanks: Queering SexEd project! Each card features a statement to help youth feel seen, valued, and supported. The cards touch on a bunch of topics, including bodies, consent, gender, identity, healing/recovery, self-love, relationships, and more.

Planned Parenthood Toronto. (2016). Affirmations Deck. Toronto, ON: Author. Retrieved from

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