Evaluation Toolkit

Whether you’re revising your program’s logic model, developing a post-program survey for participants or embarking on a full evaluation of your youth initiative, our Evaluation Toolkit can help!

We’ve structured it using our very own 3-phase, 7-step Evaluation Framework, specifically designed for youth programs. This means that you can find actions, check lists, guiding questions and tools for each of the 7 steps – take what you need, modify it for your own context and leave the rest. 

Understand the legacy of your work with youth


  • Is your youth program creating the impact that you are striving for? 
  • What is the legacy of your work and how can you share it with your stakeholders and the public? 
  • How can you ensure your evaluation captures the rich stories about your work with youth?
  • How can you design a youth friendly evaluation?
  • How can you improve your work with youth for even greater impact?

These are questions that evaluation can answer. 

Let us know if we can help too! You can ask about evaluation or just send us an e-mail at rexhelp@yorku.ca. If you’re located in Ontario and are working with a grassroots youth organization, don’t forget to check out our YouthREX evaluation supports here