practice frameworks

March 28, 2019
Many positive youth development (PYD) programs are based on a particular PYD framework as a method for describing the program’s intention and expected outcomes. This paper presents a critical review of eight select program frameworks that are commonly used to describe PYD programs. The review reveals considerable variation in the science supporting these frameworks, with corresponding variability in their programmatic application. To account for this variation, the frameworks were grouped into three categories based on the science and context in which they were developed. After a review of...
March 20, 2017
This report was published by the United Way of Toronto and York Region. HERE IS HOW THE AUTHORS DESCRIBE THIS REPORT:This report is a review of formal policy responses to systemic youth issues from various jurisdictions in Canada and internationally. It reviews policy and legislative frameworks related to youth at the local, regional, and national levels. The purpose of this review is to document existing youth policy models and legislative frameworks and identify the policy mechanisms that contribute to long-term positive outcomes for youth.