May 07, 2018
This tool was developed by the Girls Action Foundation. HERE'S HOW THE AUTHORS DESCRIBE THIS TOOLKIT:The Redefining Leadership Guide provides an in-depth look at the importance of redefining leadership to specifically support girls and young women from racialized communities in Canada. The purpose of the Guide is to share the tips and practices identified by girls’ programmers and practitioners for activities, projects, and programs that have worked successfully and created positive outcomes when taking into consideration the needs of girls and young women from racialized communities. The...
January 26, 2017
This report was published by UN World Youth Report. HERE'S HOW THE AUTHORS DESCRIBE THIS REPORT:   The World Youth Report on Youth Civic Engagement has been prepared in response to growing interest in and an increased policy focus on youth civic engagement in recent years among Governments, young people and researchers. It is intended to provide a fresh perspective and innovative ideas on civic engagement and to serve as an impetus for dialogue and action. The objective of the Report is to provide a basis for policy discussions around youth civic engagement in order to ensure that young...
January 16, 2017
This video was produced by DaNia Henry. HERE'S HOW THE CREATORS DESCRIBE THIS VIDEO:This is a recap of one of three Forward Promise webinars created to address issues that affects boys and young men of color. This video focuses on improving high school graduation rates and career opportunities for young men of color.
January 15, 2017
This toolkit was developed by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. HERE'S HOW THE AUTHORS DESCRIBE THIS TOOLKIT:Our research examined the impact that different messaging and storytelling strategies can have on garnering support for programs that support young men of color. Through focus groups and online surveys administered to adults from diverse populations across the United States, we were able to identify a range of successful communications strategies that resonated across audiences.It is our hope that these strategies can help groups, organizations, individuals, and other stakeholders...
January 15, 2017
This video was produced by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. HERE'S HOW THE CREATORS DESCRIBE THIS VIDEO:Young leaders participating at the Forward Promise convening that took place in July 2015 tell the world what they wish people knew about being a young man of color. Listening to their voices and struggles—but in particular their vision of how the world could be for young men of color—is a powerful reminder that when we treat young people like leaders, their leadership blossoms.
January 15, 2017
This report was published by the University of Ottawa. HERE'S HOW THE AUTHORS DESCRIBE THIS REPORT:The focus of this presentation is on the Youth Leadership Program (YLP) from Right to Play. The program objective is to enhance youth leadership skills and sense of purpose in order to develop hope and planning for the future.
July 04, 2016
This video was produced by NOISE. HERE'S HOW THE CREATORS DESCRIBE THIS VIDEO: Some youth from our NOISE program in the Northeastern Hub put together an awesome video to promote the upcoming NOISE session!
March 09, 2016
Developed from the report Changing Leaders, Leading Change: A leadership development model for marginalized youth in urban communities by Rebecca Houwer, YouthREX's Knowledge Exchange Manager Positive Youth Development is a framework that recognizes the internal and external assets of youth development by focusing on an individual’s strengths rather than their deficits. Rather than view youth as “risks” or “problems”, PYD seeks to empower and acknowledge existing assets of youth that lead to positive pro-social outcomes while evaluating systemic barriers which limit this process. Here's a...
March 03, 2016
This infographic was created by Youth Research and Evaluation eXchange. HERE'S HOW THE AUTHORS DESCRIBE THIS INFOGRAPHIC:A youth leadership development model should consider the formal, non-formal, and informal contexts within whichcognitive, affective, and behavioural dimensions of leadership learning occur. Insofar as we should be intentional in our work, we must also recognize that learning is a dynamic and non-linear process, and people have different learning and leadership styles which require different strategies. There is no single template that will facilitate youth leadership ...
March 01, 2016
This report was published by Youth Research and Evaluation eXchange HERE'S HOW THE AUTHOR DESCRIBES THIS REPORT: This report identifies and responds to the demographic urgency for supporting long-term approaches that enable urban youth in marginalized communities to reach their full potential. With particular attention given to addressing the structural effects of marginalization through youth leadership development initiatives, the report surveys current theories and evidence on youth leadership development which it draws on in order to determine key elements of an urban youth leadership...