January 08, 2016
This factsheet was created by the Ontario Public School Boards' Association. This factsheet provides important facts to consider when assessing the impact of mental health on children and youth. Here's a sneak peak of what you can find in this factsheet:Addiction Statistics: Drugs and/or alcohol can mask or even worsen symptoms of certain mental illnesses such as depression Young people often self-medicate with drugs and alcohol to manage their mental health symptoms It is estimated that about 50% of individuals going through substance abuse treatment have some type of psychiatric disorder...
December 02, 2015
Some First Nations, Inuit and Métis youth may be more at risk of suicide because of things like alcoholism, poverty, high unemployment, and the break-down of families that are all too common in our communities. These things impact how we feel about ourselves and our future.  This factsheet provides useful tips on how to address youth suicide. Please check it out if you would like more information on this topic. 
November 30, 2015
The Reconnect Toolkit has been developed for groups and communities across the country interested in exploring early intervention and prevention as methods of responding to homeless and at risk youth. The Toolkit is based on Eva’s Family Reconnect Program and was created to inform program development and broad community responses. It can be used in part or in whole – to inform counselling approaches with individual youth, to shift a team’s focus towards prevention and work with families, or to develop a new early intervention and prevention program. It is intended to be adapted by groups and...