Aboriginal culture

October 13, 2015
This video was produced by TEDxYouth@Victoria. HERE'S HOW THE CREATORS DESCRIBE THIS VIDEO:Bradley Dick is Walas Kwagul, Lekwungen, Ditidaht First Nations, he is an independent artist, family man, and government employee. Cultural values are incorporated into every facet of his life, he also believes that cultural integrity is maintained through lived actions. Bradley actively affirms and reaffirms his cultural virtues and governance, and states that this is not reconciliation, however a centering of the cultural values balanced with the knowledge and strength of today.
September 29, 2015
This report was published by the Office Of The Provincial Advocate For Children And Youth. HERE'S HOW THE AUTHORS DESCRIBE THIS REPORT: More than 100 youth from 62 northern First Nations communities were brought together to share their lived experiences and talk about issues affecting their lives. This action plan focuses on key issues brought forward at the forums with these youth.