Youth Impact Summit: Redefining Youth Civic Engagement In Ontario

This report was published by Studio Y (now MaRS Talent Development).

Studio Y has put together the final report for the Youth Impact Summit, which was held at MaRS in September 2016 with support from the Ontario Ministry of Children and Youth Services (MCYS) and Ontario 150.

The Youth Impact Summit report skillfully captures both the opportunities and challenges of youth civic engagement in Ontario. It also highlights innovative ideas for redefining and reinvigorating youth civic engagement.

We are encouraged that key stakeholders – such as MCYS and the Ontario Trillium Foundation – will find the report useful for informing their strategy and programming.

Ontario youth should see their views reflected in the report and will hopefully be inspired to start, or continue, making significant civic impact in their communities. 


Studio Y. (2017). Youth Impact Summit: Redefining Youth Civic Engagement In Ontario. Toronto, ON: Author. Retrieved from

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