Youth Engagement: Empowering Youth Voices to Improve Services, Programs, and Policy

This report was published by CYCC Network.

It is important to understand youth engagement as central to any best practice intervention. Valuing youth engagement puts the focus on the positive contribution that youth make to programs and their effectiveness; this moves programs from being done “for” youth to “with” youth.

There is a gap in the research in how to identify the source and implications of youth vulnerability for their engagement (Paterson & Panessa, 2008a; Poland, Tupker, & Breland, 2002). The purpose of this report is to explore how different youth engagement strategies are being used to help children and youth in the most challenging of contexts nurture resilience, prevent mental health problems and build a special place for themselves in the collective life of their communities.

CYCC Network (2013). Youth Engagement: Youth Engagement: Empowering Youth Voices to Improve Services,Programs, and Policy. Retrieved from:

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