Essentials of Dialogue: Guidance And Activities For Teaching And Practising Dialogue With Young people

This report was published by the Tony Blair Faith Foundation

All around the globe, education systems are struggling to prepare young people for the complex realities of a profoundly interconnected world. While many education systems are concentrating even harder on centralised curricula and standardised testing, there is a strong consensus that education should also give young people the soft skills that they need to make sense of, and play an active part in, a globalised society that is more closely integrated and interdependent than ever before.

We invite you to use these materials in the way that is most effective for your young people. We’ve used our experience of cultivating dialogue around the world, and would certainly advise that, for the strongest impact and best results, you work carefully through many of these areas. Ultimately, however, you know your students and it is your professional judgment that should guide your approach.


Tony Blair Faith Foundation. (2016). Essentials of Dialogue: Guidance and activities for teaching and practising dialogue with young people. Retrieved from

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