Bringing Our Whole Selves: Inclusive Programs with and For Racialized LGBTQQ2SIA Youth

This report was published by YouthREX.

Racialized LGBTTQ2SSIA youth offer unique insights, perspectives, experiences and solutions to an array of contemporary challenges and yet they face significant and overlapping barriers to inclusion. In October 2016, YouthREX hosted a Design Day that brought together youth sector stakeholders – youth, youth workers, policy makers, researchers, funders and citizens – to collaboratively tackle four ‘thorny’ challenges, or Idea Labs, that youth and youth workers experience, including this topic: Bringing Our Whole Selves: Inclusive Programs wIth and For Racialized LGBTQQ2SIA Youth. This report is a snapshot of this Design Day, provides a review of the context around this Idea Lab topic, and shares the two prototype pitches that participants co-developed in response to the challenge. The report includes reflections on the collaborative process along with resources and case study examples that can inspire our youth work.

Youth Research and Evaluation eXchange. (2017). Bringing Our Whole Selves: Inclusive Programs With and for Racialized LGBTTQQ2SIA Youth | Collaborative Designing for Youth Wellbeing: The Story of Our Design Day, 10.29.2016. Youth Research and Evaluation eXchange (YouthREX). Toronto, ON.

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