Comic: A Long Way To Go

This comic was created by Layla Sunshine, Baby T, and Orlando Foster as part of the Exiting Street Life Study.

This comic was conceived as a way to communicate the findings of a research project that followed 51 young people from Halifax and Toronto over the course of a year as they made efforts to transition away from homelessness. A comic seemed like a perfect way to highlight key themes, but also as a way to draw attention to the real people and the real stories behind this issue. Right now there are young people out there, like the character in the book, who are doing everything they can to get out of the trap that homelessness creates---a journey characterized by setbacks and major systemic barriers, but also helping hands and incredible strength and resilience. We also hope that the comic will serve as a call to action that collectively we must do everything we can to support formerly homeless young people as they work towards stability and their personal, educational, and career goals---as the comic illustrates the stakes are too high not to. The comic book was created from start-to-finish by three incredible young people who participated in the research project, along with the amazing comic artist Sarafin. Drawing from findings from the research, along with their own personal experiences, they created the characters, the story, and the dialogue. 

This project was supported by Covenant House Toronto; LOFT Community Services; SKETCH; Ark; Supportive Housing for Young Mothers, and CAMH.

Sunshine, L., T, B., and Foster, O. (2014). A Long Way To Go. Toronto, ON: Covenant House Toronto; LOFT Community Services; SKETCH; Ark; and Supportive Housing for Young Mothers. Retrieved from:

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