YouthREX's Online Library for Youth Work

Every piece of content on the eXchange's Library for Youth Work has been created in-house or curated with the intent of being useful, relevant and accessible to all of our diverse youth stakeholders.

This factsheet contains a list of all the main content types on this site. Keep in mind, we've designed everything to be searchable by content type, as well as the seven Stepping Up themes, different population groups, origin of the content and source. We also have key words and tags that will help refine your search.

Academic Literature
We've searched through lots of academic journals so you don't have to. From youth attitudes towards apprenticeship to evidence-based strategies for enhancing family engagement in youth, you'll find full research reports on diverse youth-related topics here.


These one-pagers share succinct explanations and practical tips on topical issues and areas of interest for youth sector stakeholders.

Visual representations of data or information about youth sector relevant topics, including evaluation. Inforgraphics help present complicated information quickly and clearly.


New Media
Sometimes it's easier to understand something when it's explained in innovative ways. Here's where we have creative forms of content such as podcasts, comics, zines and more.


Here you'll find open-source reports that aren't commercially or academically published on specific topics and/or communities. Sources include community-based initiatives, NGOs and Policy Think Tanks.


Research Summaries
Here's where we profile key reports and academic research by answering 6 key questions. These summaries are handy as is, or can be used as launch pads for further investigation.


Tackling something like an inclusion program, safety planning or youth advocacy in your organization/initiative? Take these instructional tools and use them as is, or modify them to fit your need(s).


Watch engaging and relevant videos, including archives of YouthREX's own recorded webinars on all things youth and evaluation related.