Top Eight Good Practices For Parent/Caregiver Engagement With Black Families

This factsheet was created by YouthREX.

This factsheet was developed by summarizing a review of research literature on parent/caregiver engagement with Black families.  

Here's a peek at the good practices you can find in this factsheet:

  1. Ask parents/caregivers how they think your organization can better support them.
  2. Reflect on the beliefs and assumptions you and/or your organization hold about families and parenting.
  3. Assume that all parents/caregivers want the best for their children.
  4. Explicitly recognize the less visible ways that parents/caregivers are engaged.
  5. Offer parents/caregivers the opportunity to engage in ways that are manageable and convenient.
  6. See traditional engagement activities as important, but not as necessary for every family.
  7. Work in collaboration with existing community-based organizations.
  8. Make sure that parents/caregivers feel welcomed in your space(s).


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