Snapshot: Cannabis and Mental Health

This factsheet was created by Addictions and Mental Health Ontario.


With the legalization of cannabis on October 17, 2018, it is important that we all understand the complex relationship between cannabis use and mental health, particularly for young people. Youth experiencing mental health problems are at greater risk for increased substance use and the use of cannabis during adolescent years has been linked to the developing of mood, anxiety and psychotic disorders later in life. Cannabis is often used by individuals to cope with mild symptoms of anxiety and depression but has been found to contribute to and increase the symptoms of anxiety and depression long-term. This can lead to a cycle of reliance on cannabis as a method of self-medicating (Ontario Medical Association, 2018). This snapshot will provide you with the information young people and families require from service providers and best practices for sharing information about cannabis and mental health.


Addictions and Mental Health Ontario. (2018). Snapshot: Cannabis and Mental Health. Toronto, ON: Author. Retrieved from

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