Intentional Program Design: Creating New 'Architecture' in Youth Programs

Developed from a YouthREX webinar featuring Jennifer Skuza, Associate Dean, University of Minnesota Extension Center for Youth Development, and Sherry Boyce, Extension Educator, University of Minnesota Extension Center for Youth Development.

Being intentional in your program design means thinking about organizational outcomes and the needs of participants when making decisions.

Here's a sneak peek of what you can find in this factsheet:
There is a set of Design Principles that can be used in developing your program.

  • Balance: Are your desired learning experiences represented in your design and across your program cycle? Is there enough content to get to your outcomes?
  • Proportion: You have to make sure you don’t do too much of one thing and risk overlooking an important activity.
  • Unity: Sometimes we have older program elements that don’t really fit into a new program. You don’t need to include a program or activity just because it’s always been done that way. Ask yourself if it really belongs in your design.
  • Rhythm: How can you arrange your program to achieve the energy level that you want?

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