Empower Digital Storytelling and Youth

This factsheet was created by Sarah Switzer and Ilona Alex Abramovich for the Empower Project.

Digital stories can be the combination of text, pictures and graphics, video, voice and music to create a 2-8 minute first person narrative used for research, health promotion, community development, policy change, etc. Digital stories revolve around a chosen theme (e.g. a snapshot of time) and often contain a particular viewpoint. Digital storytelling brings social media and firsthand experience together to educate and inform the public.

Here's a sneak peak of what you can find in this factsheet:

Objectives of this factsheet:

  • To learn what digital storytelling is and how it might be used.
  • To explore the benefits, challenges, and ethical considerations of this work.
  • To think through key questions for planning your digital storytelling project. 

Switzer, S. & Abramovich, I.A. (2012). Empower Digital Storytelling and Youth. Empower Project. Retrieved from http://www.empoweryouth.info/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/Empower-Digital-...

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