Checklist for Choosing, Commissioning, and Evaluating a High-Quality Mentoring Service

This factsheet was created by YouthREX, from content developed in Preventing Gang Involvement and Youth Violence: Advice for those Commissioning Mentoring Programs by Robyn M. O’Connor and Stephanie Waddell

This checklist provides insights into choosing a mentoring program (population, interventions, outcomes, and evidence), commissioning a service (funding, risk management, and service delivery), and evaluating a commissioned service (monitoring processes and measuring impacts).

Here's a sneak peak of what you can find in this factsheet:
When choosing a program (population, interventions, outcomes, and evidence), be confident if:

  • The target population is clear.
  • You are clear on how the intervention should be delivered. Consider content, types of mentors, length of the program, and if it is stand alone or in conjunction with other services.
  • There is a clear link between what is being done in the program and what the expected outcomes are.
  • The program has been evaluated and has had a positive or relevant outcome.

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