Cannabis & Your Health: 10 Ways to Reduce Risks When Using

This factsheet was created by the Centre for Addiction & Mental Health (CAMH).


The Lower-Risk Cannabis Use Guidelines (LRCUG) are an updated evidence-based public health intervention tool, allowing cannabis users to modify and reduce their risks for health harms associated with cannabis use based on scientific recommendations. The updated LRCUG were developed by a team of renowned addiction and health science experts and were based on a rigorous review and expert guideline process led by Dr. Benedikt Fischer. The original LRCUG were published in 2011 in the Canadian Journal of Public Health. As cannabis was legalized in Canada in October 2018, an update of the LRCUG was a timely and essential undertaking, as the guidelines offer a potentially valuable population-level tool to reduce risk for adverse health outcomes from cannabis use among (especially young) users. The LRCUG include 10 core harm-reduction-based recommendations. 

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Centre for Addiction & Mental Health (CAMH). (2019). Cannabis & Your Health: 10 Ways to Reduce Risks When Using. Toronto, ON: Author. Retrieved from

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