10 Ways to Meaningfully Engage Underrepresented Youth

This factsheet was developed by Amy Hosotsuji, Duane Hall, and Jasmine Mwanaisha for YouthREX. 

Who is an underrepresented youth? Someone who is not represented or treated fairly by government or policies and laws, mainstream media, education, etc. Groups today include people of colour, immigrants, those living with physical and mental disability, low-income, unemployed, LGBTTQ, homeless, etc. This factsheet goes over how organizations and adult allies can develop readiness to engage young people and foster youth leadership.

Here's a sneak peek of what you can find in this factsheet:
10 Ways to Meaningfully Engage Underrepresented Youth

  1. Let Youth Self-Indentify
  2. One-Off Consultations Don't Create Leaders
  3. Create the Sandbox from the Get-Go
  4. Recognize Your Power and Their Power
  5. Experience is NOT a Form of Payment
  6. Make All Resources Known
  7. Silence is a Part of the Conversation
  8. Get to Know Their Goals and Interests
  9. Provide a Job Title
  10. Appreciate and Foster Intangibles


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