Welcome to the eXchange!

Posted March 09, 2016 InYouthrex, Uzo Anucha, news, youth sector

by Uzo Anucha, MSW, PhD
Provincial Academic Director of YouthREX
Associate Professor – School of Social Work
York University



Welcome to the eXchange for Youth Work!

Connecting Shared Knowledge to Youth Work


I am delighted to welcome you to the eXchange for Youth Work, YouthREX’s online resource and learning community for connecting shared knowledge to youth work.


The eXchange allows YouthREX to bring youth development knowledge from research, practice and lived experiences together in one online space, and in accessible formats making it easier for the youth sector to connect shared knowledge to their work with young people across Ontario.  


The eXchange has everything about youth work, available from anywhere, at anytime! 

The eXchange includes a searchable Library for Youth Work that has over 500 types of diverse content for supporting youth experiencing multiple barriers such as Aboriginal Youth, newcomer youth, racialized youth, LGBTTQ youth, youth with disabilities or special needs, youth in conflict with the law, etc. (See our factsheet to learn more about the content types on the eXchange.)  

Researchers, academics, policy makers, youth organization leaders all have valuable knowledge and expertise that is often times trapped in reports that sit on shelves, collecting dust. The goal of the eXchange is to intentionally dust off this knowledge and disseminate it in diverse, accessible and relevant ways in order to move knowledge to action for the Ontario youth sector.


Click here to read about YouthREX’s approach to knowledge mobilization.  

The eXchange also includes an evaluation toolkit that will help youth programs better understand the impact of their work with youth. Structured around YouthREX’s evaluation framework for youth programs, this toolkit includes step-by-step actions with evaluation tools and templates. 

Finally, the eXchange will facilitate the exchange of knowledge between our diverse stakeholders, including youth, youth workers, sector leaders, policy makers and academics and will include a dynamic online learning community for the youth sector to stay informed about current youth news and engage with issues relevant to improving youth wellbeing (coming soon!)

YouthREX’s vision is an Ontario where shared knowledge is transformed into positive impact for all youth. Our mission is to make research evidence and evaluation practices accessible and relevant to Ontario’s grassroots youth sector through capacity building, knowledge mobilization and evaluation leadership.

YouthREX is part of a multi-million dollar investment in the wellbeing of Ontario’s youth by the Ministry of Children and Youth Services (MCYS). To learn more about YouthREX, our areas of work and our people, please check out our website.

We’ll be constantly updating the eXchange as we curate and develop new knowledge products. In doing so, we will pay particular attention to current youth research and evaluation news and trends relevant to your work. 

We hope you will visit the eXchange often and actively participate in our learning community.

Welcome to the eXchange!

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