Double Jeopardy: an Exploratory Study of Youth from Immigrant Families Entering the Job Market

Yan, M., Lauer, S., & Chan, S. (2012). Double Jeopardy: An Exploratory Study of Youth From Immigrant Families Entering the Job Market. Journal of Immigrant & Refugee Studies, 96-115. Routledge

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This article reports the findings of an online survey and 16 in-depth interviews that show family and friends are neither the predominant nor most useful social resource for young jobseekers from immigrant families. Instead, they tend to use more formal job-search strategies. In our sample, the employment outcomes of ethno-racial minority immigrant youth were less desirable than those of their counterparts from the dominant group. Based on the study’s findings, this article argues that being an ethno-racial minority and being from an immigrant family become a double jeopardy for this group of new generation youth when they enter the competitive job market.