Academic Literature Compilation: Parent/Caregiver Engagement


YouthREX has compiled this document of abstracts, or short summaries, of articles about parent/caregiver involvement and engagement.

This could be helpful if you are: designing a parent/caregiver engagement program or a youth program and would like to engage parents and caregivers; if you’re trying to figure out how to improve the parent/caregiver engagement you’re already doing; or if you just want more information about parent/caregiver involvement and engagement.

We’ve organized the abstracts into categories to try to make articles easier to find, but many of the articles address multiple issues or aspects of parent/caregiver engagement. Where articles are available for free online, we’ve included the link to the article so that you can easily learn more. In each category, abstracts are first presented by year of publication (in reverse chronological order), and then in alphabetical order by last name of the lead author.

Note: Although the literature often refers to parent engagement, we acknowledge that recommendations for practice may be applicable to a variety of caregivers within families of different types and structures.



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