About YouthREX

YouthREX promotes the integration of evidence and evaluation in the development and delivery of Ontario’s youth programs.


An Ontario where shared knowledge is transformed into positive impact for all youth. 

To make research evidence and evaluation accessible and relevant to Ontario’s youth sector through knowledge mobilization, capacity building and evaluation leadership.

YouthREX is focused on two questions:

1) How can we use evidence from research, practice and lived experience to support grassroots youth sector organizations make more informed decisions about youth programming? 

2) How can we use data and stories from youth programming to better understand, measure and share their impact in ways that drives change and improves youth wellbeing?


Our five regional hubs engage local grassroots, youth serving organizations, academic partners, youth and policy stakeholders in our three streams of work.


Creating opportunities for knowledge to action processes by sharing youth research and evaluation findings in accessible ways.

What We Do:

  • Curate and share youth research and evaluation findings in accessible ways
  • Develop practical resources/tools and facilitating opportunities for people to share experiences and knowledge
  • Support knowledge to action processes 





Facilitating learning and networking opportunities for the grassroots youth sector.

What We Do:

  • Provide professional development opportunities such as skill-building workshops and certificate courses
  • Facilitate spaces for convening meaningful dialogue and action






Free one-on-one program evaluation supports for grassroots youth sector organizations across Ontario to track, measure and share the impact of their work with youth.

What We Do:

  • Support grassroots groups to share the story of their impact
  • Customized supports to identify what outcomes to measure (particularly outcomes aligning with those identified in Stepping Up)
  • Develop evaluation leadership capacity; support around selection of measures, data collection, and analysis
  • Advise on basic processes to consider when engaging in research/evaluation activities with young people (i.e. informed consent, confidentiality, anonymity, and ethical data analysis and interpretation).


To learn more about YouthREX, check out our website and connect with us on Twitter @REXforYouth