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Featured Resources

FACTSHEET: This factsheet depicts how to use the Stages of Change Framework to map out a process for engaging youth in changing a negative behaviour, thereby improving their health and wellbeing.
REPORT: This report provides information for youth sport programmers and practitioners, particularly those working with youth facing barriers, on how to deepen the impact of sport programs by intentionally structuring these programs to support psychosocial development.
INFOGRAPHIC: This infographic depicts the health impacts of positive relationships on youth.
FACTSHEET: This factsheet outlines eight priorities to improve mental health services, as identified by youth.

What we're thinking

March 14, 2018

by Uzo Anucha, MSW, PhD
Provincial Academic Director, YouthREX

February 09, 2018

by Laura Jones
Senior Manager, Boys and Girls Club of Ottawa
YouthREX Online Evaluation Certificate Learner