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  • This Is Youth Work Youth workers are the most critical factor in the success of a youth program, but what is youth work in Ontario really like?
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Featured Resources

TOOLKIT: With more than 50 evidence-based tools and resources, the Summer Learning Toolkit helps educators deliver programs that make a real difference. Organized into five planning areas, the Toolkit includes both comprehensive planning and management tools, and more specialized resources.
REPORT: Based on interviews and a scan of the relevant literature, this report identifies a core set of practices that characterize high-performing summer jobs initiatives, in the categories of program design and organizational capacity.
RESEARCH SUMMARY: This summary reviews issues transgender and gender nonconforming youth face and how summer camps in particular can support their development due to their flexible and recreational nature.
FACTSHEET: Who is an underrepresented youth? Someone who is not represented or treated fairly. This factsheet goes over how organizations and adult allies can develop readiness to engage young people and foster youth leadership.

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July 22, 2019

by Laura Sygrove
Co-founder and Executive Director, New Leaf Foundation

June 28, 2019

by Canadian Bahá’í News Service
The Bahá’í Community of Canada