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Featured Resources

REPORT: This report shares the top ten issues for Black youth and their families, ideas on the best ways to engage Black youth in meaningfully shaping the development and implementation of the BYAP projects, as well as the important characteristics of organizations that can meet the needs of Black youth.
VIDEO: Hear about how Jamil Jivani turned his negative experience of structural racism as a young person into positive change for young people by challenging systems with hope, resilience, and optimism.
ACADEMIC LITERATURE: The authors reflect on the embodied experiences of living out the various layers of anti-Black racism in their lives. They seek to critically engage their own anti-oppressive practices in order to open up transformative possibilities for themselves and those they work with.
FACTSHEET: This factsheet summarizes reflections from community members on the best ways to work together to ensure that the BYAP works for Black youth and builds the capacity of Black organizations.

What we're thinking

March 14, 2018

by Uzo Anucha, MSW, PhD
Provincial Academic Director, YouthREX

February 09, 2018

by Laura Jones
Senior Manager, Boys and Girls Club of Ottawa
YouthREX Online Evaluation Certificate Learner