• Design Day Report Launch 4 Challenges, 8 Prototypes // Collaborative Designing for Youth Wellbeing: The Story of Our Design Day
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REPORT: This report is a snapshot of YouthREX's Design Day, which brought together youth sector stakeholders – youth, youth workers, policy makers, researchers, funders and citizens – to collaboratively tackle four ‘thorny’ challenges, or Idea Labs, that youth and youth workers experience.
REPORT: More than 100 youth from 62 northern First Nations communities were brought together to share their lived experiences and talk about issues affecting their lives. This action plan focuses on key issues brought forward at the forums with these youth.
REPORT: This report explores the impact and value of engaging young people in rural communities. It highlights the challenges rural youth face, and offers a summary of best practices shared by frontline workers working to support them.
RESEARCH SUMMARY: This research addresses the urgent need for safer spaces for Black and Latino Urban Queer Youth (BLUQY) who are frequently survivors of targeted bullying. This research recognizes BLUQY as a unique cultural group and highlights the importance of designing programs and services that respond effectively and sensitively to their particular needs.

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March 21, 2017

by Dr. Uzo Anucha
YouthREX Provincial Academic Director
York University School of Social Work Associate Professor

March 08, 2017

by Rebecca Choi
YouthREX Eastern Hub BSW Placement Student